Street Art

Street Art will be available for both exhibition days.
All forms of Street Art/graffiti – template, spray, installations in space, lettering will be presented.

Whether adult or younger, will be able to see many techniques of contemporary art – from spray to “syringe”.
Something completely different from the classic art lessons, it is supposed to move the senses and inspire.

Tomasz Żochowski

I don’t want to be bland or pigeonholed in my work. If I want to relax, I paint graffiti / my name instinctively in a legal place. If I want to be artistically more complete and to make as much of myself as possible, then I focus on the canvas doing it more laboriously, with a much more thought-out concept, because – by the way – I think that the letters on the wall are just fleeting fun. I also remember to keep my own painting identity in my work in today’s glamour of everything.