• No aggression or harassment will be tolerated at our event. Any such behavior will meet with an immediate response from the organizer and security, which will immediately take action in accordance with the Regulations.
  • If you witness disturbing events or aggression. Report this to your nearest security officer, event staff or information desk. We will not ignore it – We will help you!


  • Take care of your wallet, phone, credit card and keys.
  • If you want to use the changing room, do not leave your valuables in your backpack or jacket. Leave your cameras, credit cards, money or other valuables in the Arena Gliwice storeroom.
  • Have fun safely thinking about your health and other participants.
  • Don’t block others! Watch concerts and performances live, not on your phone screen.
  • Don’t be angry that there are queues. Buy a pre-sale ticket and save your time and money.
  • Look for current information about competitions, attractions, and event zones in our social media.
  • Don’t destroy, don’t junk, segregate waste!
  • Smoking is not allowed in the convention area outside the areas designated for this purpose.
  • Find time to rest and have a warm meal, the event lasts until late!
  • Call a security guard, a paramedic or report the disturbing fact directly to the Organizer at the information desk.


  • Don’t take drugs or get drunk.
  • If you see someone who needs help, take them to the information desk. Our employees will call a paramedic. If he is unconscious, notify the security officer who will call for help.
  • Do not touch or carry plastic red containers for used needles.
  • If you tattooed during the festival, be sure to take care of your fresh tattoo. Ask the artist to properly secure his work.
  • Do not touch the fresh tattoo with your fingers, do not touch the tattoos of other people, do not let anyone behind your tattoo artist have contact with yours.


  • Follow the messages and instructions of the services and keep calm.
  • Stay away from the threat.
  • Know where the nearest emergency exit is. If an evacuation is announced, go to the nearest “Assembly Point”.