Will I get an invoice when I buy a ticket?

  • If You want to obtain an invoice for the purchased Ticket, you should, within seven days of making the payment, submit an appropriate application to the e-mail address:

Do I have a guaranteed tattoo when I buy a ticket?

No. The organizer does not mediate in arranging the tattoos between participants and the artists of their choice.

Will I pay for the tattoo with my card?

We recommend having cash in the amount previously agreed upon with the artist. Our experience shows that most artists are not prepared to handle non-cash payment.

Will I need more cash during the event?

All attractions, shows and performances are included in the price of the ticket you purchased.
You will pay by card for most other items, such as clothes, food and drinks. Unless you get tattooed during a event you won’t need more cash.

I lost my wallet, credit card or phone what to do?

First of all, check if you have the other documents.

  • If you have lost your ID, take care of your safety and report it online.
  • If you have lost your credit card, we recommend that you report it to the bank where you have an account as soon as possible. This will protect your savings from potential thieves.
  • If you have lost your phone, report to the Info Point, where we will try to help you.