Fight shows

In cooperation with Bare Knuckle SERAFIN and the Academy of Boxing and Muaythai JKM we plan to develop the Fighting Sports Zone during the Arena Tattoo Gliwice event.

We will present there shows of Lethwei (Burmese boxing) and Bare Knuckle fight.

Together with the coaches we will conduct workshops, during which you will be able to find out what these martial arts are all about and for whom they are.

The motto of our school is MUAYTHAI FOR EVERYONE!

Our trainings are addressed to everyone regardless of age and gender, willingness counts! We train children, youth and adults, including women.

Trainings are conducted methodically from A to Z by qualified and experienced coaching staff. Participation in the trainings creates an opportunity to feel the adrenaline of the Muay Thai fighter, to participate in sparrings, and also as a fighter in galas.


Training will improve your physical fitness, burn out unnecessary calories, overcome your shyness and feel confident. The activities will also help you get away from everyday stress. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t had contact with this sport before. During trainings you will learn the secrets of fistfighting from scratch. Trainings are adapted to the capabilities of the participant.